About Swami Ji

Mahant Hanuma Das Maharaj Ji, is fully devoted to nation in three areas i.e. Dharm Raksha, Rastra Raksha and Go Raksha. Whilst still in his teens, Swamiji recognised that the true joy in life can be found in the service of God’s creation. He thus dedicated his life (as a Hindu monk) to easing the suffering of humanity and today he continues to be a tireless humanitarian worker, working around the globe for spiritual tolerance, social harmony, environmental protection and lasting world peace. Swamiji is also involved in many humanitarian-aid projects such as the Desert Rainwater Harvesting Initiative, the Rural Primary School and the Austria-Indian Hospital in the arid regions of Madhya Pradesh, India.

One of Swamiji's greatest contributions to the nation is the Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust.  This system of health and lifestyle has spread throughout the world enhancing people's physical, mental, social and spiritual health. 

Work in this field of social welfare has been underway for close to a decade now under the tireless efforts of Mahant Hanuma Das Maharaj Ji. Officially started in the year 2015 as Jan Kalyan Foundation, we are currently operating out of centers in parts of the country, and wish to spread ourselves to wider and deeper reaches of the country. In our effort to better the people and thus the society at large, we also provide for a wide support base by inspiring people to come forward and join hands in these noble causes.

Trust involves in various activities:
    • Promote environmental education
    • To Encourage people to Grow More Trees (varaksh lagao, pravaraan bachao) 
    • Generate livelihood development for forest dwellers and communities who are dependent on ecosystems
    • To serve the humanity.
    • To promote Cow Protection and Conservation
    • To educate people for saving our Environment
    • To Promote Child Health & Nutrition
    • To Promote Girl Child and Women Empowerment Specially encouragement for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
    • Samuhik Vivah Sammelan 
    • Disaster Response Operations
    • To help poor peoples 
    • Spread social awareness 
    • On the educational front, the organization lends out books and notebooks free to the students.
    • Cultivating Awareness of Religious and Spiritual Diversity 
    • Increase awareness of government policies and get people benefited

  • Educational Environment

    Plant a tree, plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free.
    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation

    Women empowerment is the way to country’s development.
    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

  • Facilities

    Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, India ko swarg banao.
    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

  • Facilities

    Come-on India lets join Swachh Bharat Mission.
    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

  • School

    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

  • opportunities

    Life Is Beautiful & Fulfilling If Supported By Your Mother, Sister, Wife & Daughter. So Save The Girl Child.
    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

  • e-Care app on mobile

    If you love to breathe, Save the trees.
    Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust

e-Care Mobile App
Jan Kalyan Foundation Trust, Harda, Madhya Pradesh